Day 1 – Growth Mindset

Today, our first real day, started with students filling out a survey with their opinions about a list of growth mindset type statements. They then discussed in pairs and groups before we discussed as a class. I don’t know if all the students bought the whole idea, but many, especially in my non-AP Calculus class, seemed almost relieved to get into a growth mindset. My goal this year is to turn this into an ongoing discussion.

We also watched a video of my dog learning a trick to discuss the difference between memorizing and understanding. Then we played Math Taboo to highlight this difference. Lastly, we finished with a 10 minute intro to Calculus with the students telling me everything they could about the slope of a line, and everything they could about “slope” on a parabola.

I felt great about the class, and I love the positive tone that I felt like we have created. A great first day!


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