Day 18 – What Number SHOULD Be There? & Whiteboarding!


We continued to discuss limits today in non AP Calculus. We describe them now as “What function value SHOULD be there?” If you can answer that, there’s a limit. If you can’t, the limit does not exist. Students whiteboarded solutions to five various limit problems that they were analyzing numerically and graphically. They then presented their solutions to each other.

This is what our “board meetings” look like. We get real close to each other without desks in the back of the classroom. It’s amazing to me how changing the way students are sitting can change so much about how they act! I tried a board meeting once with the boards in front of the room, but I think the students still unconsciously felt that this was “teacher space.” In the back of Theron without desks they are more likely to engage in discussion with each other, more likely to point out a mistake on a board, more likely to ask a great question about a board, and more likely in general to engage with the material. It feels like magic to me!


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