Day 30 – The Quotient Rule Song

I have a group of rough and rowdy AP Calculus students this year. Almost all boys, almost all seniors, almost all a bit nutty. So I was pretty excited to make them sing a song to the tune of Old MacDonald to remember the quotient rule. This actually has a point too… I have found that some students forget whether it is LOW dHigh minus HIGH dLOW or the other way around, but with the Old MacDonald version, it has to rhyme with EIEIO, so you know which way it must be.

I have a student in my class who took non-AP Calc with me last year (so a lot of the class is a repeat for him) and when we started doing the quotient rule, he immediately asked “are we going to do the song?” He remembered the I portent lens a year later, which I think is awesome.

Anyway, seeing nutjob senior dudes singing this kinda made my week. Oh the things we can make them do!!



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