Day 31 – Quotient Rule Practice

In AP, we spent the day practicing the quotient rule and applying it to interesting situations like the one above (if h is defined as f*g, what is h'(1)?). Some problems are totally bizarre and far from real world, but I find interesting anyway.

In non AP, we defined continuity and began to practice proving if a function was continuous at a point. Total blergh topic in my opinion. I'm excited to get back to derivatives after our break next week.


One response to “Day 31 – Quotient Rule Practice

  1. Pat

    I am a BIG fan of using these graphs from time to time. It isolates to question to just Calculus! No algebra! It checks students understanding of the CALCULUS concepts! Well done Sir.
    BTW, I think the FRQ#6 had a similar idea when students had to use the graph to approx an upperbound error for a Taylor series

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