Day 42 – Donut Points, finally…

Day 41 was tests, nothing interesting there.


Today, my non AP classes finally earned their donut points. The way it works is that whenever I make a mistake on the board or in a worksheet, and THEY correct me (ie not me correcting myself), then I award them a point. Once they get up to 30, I bring in donuts. It's fun, and gets them to pay attention. One of my classes proposed to change donut points into “cross dressing singing points” instead… No.

I get my donuts from “Donuts Factory”, a great Dunkin' Donuts knock off. I love living in a country with no real copyright law.


2 responses to “Day 42 – Donut Points, finally…

  1. My Calc II class got their donut points early in the semester, so they’re trying for a second batch. My calc I class has one point to go. I don’t know if my pre-calc class will make it to 30. I used to get them Krispy Kremes, but the local shop went out of business, so now I go to Donut King, a block from the college.

  2. A Krispy Kreme just opened up in Amman!!! I’m so excited to try it out.

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