Day 90 – Test Redo Because of Cheating

Today, we had to redo the free response portion of my AP class final exam. Some of the kids in the class got the questions from the other sections (other teachers), and looked up the answers online. They then basically copied down the answer key, and students who had been holding a 60 all year ended up with the highest grades on the free response section. I couldn't figure out exactly who cheated (though I'm 95% sure that 8 students cheated) so I figured the best thing to do would just be to redo the test with the whole class, which is what we did in class today. I was so disappointed and embarrassed and upset about this, and I felt so bad announcing this decision to the class yesterday and making the students who didn't cheat do the test again. Tomorrow, I'm going to make sure to take 15 minutes or so and discuss this as a class, because I hope that everyone can learn something from this unfortunate episode.



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