Day 110 – Derivatives of Inverse Functions

I'm sure we all have topics that we hate teaching. My least favorite right now are derivatives of inverse functions and then working with the inverse trig functions. I felt like I had such a terrible class today, especially because I'm just not 100% comfortable with these things. I also am frustrated with how little trig that my students really absorb from Pre Cal. Today I was showing them how I think about evaluating trig functions by hand using special right triangles, and my students could not understand why your only options in a 1-2-rt3 triangle were pi/3 and pi/6. If you don't get that, then you really don't understand the unit circle…

Oh well, one of my absolute favorite topics is next (solids!) so ill just have to slog through this.



3 responses to “Day 110 – Derivatives of Inverse Functions

  1. Totally with you Bowman. Not only is trig kryptonite for so many of them, inverse trig?? Then you throw in derivatives and anti derivatives and completing the square. Also if I can complain for a bit, who the heck uses this stuff? When do I need to know the derivative of cot^-1???
    Ok I’m done.

  2. I am so with you on this. I’ve actually stopped teaching these concepts, even though I teach AP Calculus. So far, it hasn’t really come back to bite me too bad – I’m just hoping there aren’t more than one or two questions over the concept on the AP exam…..I’m always behind this time of year and just feel I have bigger fish to fry.

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