Day 121 – Guided Practice with Solids of Revolution

For the past couple of days, we have been slowly practicing and repeating solids of revolution. The way we did it was with these strips with problems on them. I would do one with them and then have them do one. E, once students would finish, I would deem them able to check other students answer and then they would all work together until everyone finished a set of problems. Then we would do another strip together that was a bit more difficult. Here was the progression we did:

  1. Simple regions over x and y axes (discs)
  2. Simple regions over other axes (discs)
  3. Regions requiring washers over x and y axes (washers)
  4. Regions rearing washers over other axes (washers)

This step by step adding of complexity and guided practice took a while (3 full 45 minute class periods), but by the end, I felt that everyone was getting them totally correct. The mistakes were all minor too, and NOT major conceptual mistakes. Success, I hope! We will see on Monday during our quiz.



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