Day 126.5 – AP Mock Exam

Today, a weekend day, we had a full 3.5 hour Mock AP Exam (marked but not counting for a grade). This is always a really good experience to see where the students are, though a bit depressing to see the huge gaps in their knowledge (I mean, theoretically, they should be able to get about 80-85% of it correct, the other 15% being stuff that is ridiculously hard). The students did well on the AP scale, which is good I guess, but it's still weird to see how little they know over all. *sigh*



One response to “Day 126.5 – AP Mock Exam

  1. I don’t do a full mock exam, but I have my students work through an exam in chunks. I give them 10-15 minutes to work a set of five problems, then we go over them. I’m always a little depressed to see they don’t get things that I think they will….

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