Day 127 – Beginning of the End! (Going over the Mock)

And today marks the beginning of the end of the year. In Calculus, we are starting a couple projects that will take us through 3 weeks of class. In AP, we are reviewing, reviewing, reviewing!

We went over the Mock Exam, which we had this weekend. Overall, results were great. I was happy with the low end of the class (only one 2!) but I felt that a bunch of students who could have gotten a 5 got 4's. If you teach AP and don't do a Mock Exam, I would highly highly recommend it! It is going to be a great way for students to see where they are and focus their studying. We counted it for a grade last year, which was a huge mistake. They stressed out about it and some kids cheated. This was much, much better and I felt more accurately told me and them what they know and what they don't.

In non AP Calculus, we did an in class homework assignment (I had an extra day, and they are being super complainy about APs coming up). I had never done this and I really loved it! It was relaxing and productive and I knew that they weren't cheating!!



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